Restoring and correcting artifacts in film has historically been a very time consuming and highly manual labour. Over the years, software companies have made efforts to release products that relieve some of this manual labour by semi-automating tasks. The user interface has often been quite technical and not very user-friendly so even with a complete feature-set they are often very hard to use.

This is where Recuro Media comes in. Our goal is to provide you with an online cloud-based tool to simplify film restoration, at a fraction of the price and time spent.

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Film Restoration Filters

Dust & Noise

  • Dust & Scratches removes stray hairs, retouches scratches and repairs damaged frames.
  • Heavy Dust & Mold removes almost all dust and mold for extremely damaged film.
  • Noise removes all inconsistent noise between frames and creates a smoother frame appearance.
  • Re-Grain lets you re-grain the frames to keep that that classic look of film.

Color & Contrast

  • Color Balance evens the white balance and removes discolourations often found in aged film.
  • Color Saturation restores the color saturation in scenes that have a low/high saturation of colours.
  • Contrast Expansion increases the contrast which increases details and sharpness.
  • Colorize colorizes black and white or faded color material.

Motion & Stability

  • Image Stabilization Reduces high frequency jitter from time of scanning.
  • Reduce Flicker reduces light flickering between frames in old B/W movies.
  • Content Stabilization reduces shakiness caused by instabilities when film was shot.

Miscellaneous Filters

  • Adaptive Sharpness sharpens details in frames depending on scene sharpness.
  • Color Casting clears the colors in a film that is covered in a strong color haze.
  • Bad Scene Changes replaces up to two bad frames between scenes.

Advanced Filters

  • Repair Deinterlace repairs badly deinterlaced progressive material.
  • High Frame Rate doubles the frame rate for a more fluid motion.
  • Vertical Scratches reduces long constant vertical scratches along the frame.
  • Natural Speed makes silent films (16fps scanned at 24/25fps) move along at a natural speed.

Audio Filters

  • Normalize Volume increases volume to a normalized level without clipping.
  • Reduce Noise reduces background noise without affecting clarity.
  • Increase Clarity increases clarity and makes voices and details easier to hear.

Film Colorization

We have teamed up with DeOldify (a company with a state-of-the-art image AI-colorization framework). Together we have managed to achieve a breakthough in Video Colorization. It's taken us a long time to perfect our respective technologies and the result when combining our work is a world-class colorization service for professional video. The colorization engine is based on the professional and closed source DeOldify code which has taken a huge leap in both quality and performance compared to the open source available on GitHub. Before doing any type of colorization, the material is pre-processed in order for the colorizer to do a good and consistent job. The colorized material is then post-processed which further enhances the colorization. This colorization service also works on faded color film by re-colorizing the B&W-channel from scratch resulting in a new fresh color version.