Who we Are

Our head quarter is located in Sweden but our business is global. We have an extensive background within video and image processing as well as experience of IT and media production. We are very adaptive to changing market needs and our focus is on making the best customer experience possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make film restoration easy-to-use, accessible and affordable. Our customers should never have to worry about software installations, hardware configurations or even hardware failures. We want to bring film restoration to you on a silver plate. Without compromise.

What we Do

We provide a 24/7 restoration service that equals 95% of a manual restoration for a fraction of the price. Our goal is to restore the bulk of film out there. Not the worst 5%. We strive for good enough for broadcast but our customers are free to fix the remaining 5% if perfection is required.


Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

Konstantin von zur Mühlen
CEO and Founder of KRONOS Media
Milchstraße 6a
20148 Hamburg
enquiries: info@kronos-media.com
phone: +49 40 53 30 82 80

Contact Us

If you want to reach out, here is our address and contact information.

Anders Rundegren
CEO and Founder of Recuro Media
Recuro Media
Dockgatan 27
211 12 Malmö
enquiries: info@recuromedia.com
phone: +46 40 693 57 31